You are invited to enjoy the ageless beauty and old world charm that make the Nepenthe the most popular sailboat in the film and fashion industries.

Even famous rapper Pit Bull chose the Nepenthe to launch his new line of perfumes in 2013

Join us for half-day or full-day tour of Miami best sightseeing spots: Hurricane Cove, No-Name Harbor, Cape Florida Lighthouse and Stiltville.

No rules. No worries. Swim and tan or take the helm and learn to sail. Relax and enjoy the sights and a cool drink. Stop anywhere, for as long as you wish. Bring nothing but friends to enjoy a good time. Your choice of drinks, appetizers and V.I.P service included.

"Non-commercial photo and video allowed"

Contact Us

For information and reservations call (305) 773-0101 or email to


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